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/2 Slinger Cleaning

Aug 14, 2013 | Posted by in tips | 0 comments

BMW recommends cleaning every 25-30,000 miles when the bike is in constant use. We recommend having the oil slingers cleaned when you’re not sure of previous history, or when the bike has been in storage for extended periods.

Even if you trust the previous maintenance records of your motorcycle, you can’t always trust the odometer readings.  The sludge migrates down the rod pin, cutting off the flow of oil, ruining the rod bearings. As Craig “Vech” Vechorik – the Slash 2 guru – says “Crankshaft rebuilding is expensive, and all of this expense could be avoided if the slingers are cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.”


/2 Slinger Cleaning requires the removal of the engine from the frame and pulling the cylinders off to get the crank out of the engine case.  Great time to inspect the conditions and measure the clearances.


On this BMW  R69S the sludge has accumulated in the lip of the oil slinger, partially blocking the oil passage (the larger hole not in view.) This bike was reported as “well maintained with under 15,000 miles,” although the accumulation indicates otherwise.


This R60/2 engine has 12,500 actual miles on the  machine and you can see a metal particle reflecting the flash in the rod pin oil passage. The metallic sludge is disturbed in the lip of the slinger for better view.


This relatively higher mileage R60/2 has considerable sludge caught in the oil slinger. Also, note the rust on the slinger and the front main bearing has spun on the crankshaft. This crank will have to be rebuilt or replaced.

Get in touch with us to schedule a slinger cleaning of your own.

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