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Near Ellijay, Georgia, our motorcycle shop is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which boast some of the best riding roads in the Southeast.   The Cartecay River flows alongside our property and we are nearly surrounded by a State wildlife management area.  All are welcome – – there is room to camp, relax, and swap stories.   We have been told that we’re crazy for having our motorcycle shop at our home, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  The shop, our customers, and even the bikes feel like part of our family.  Our customers know that we stand behind our work. When you bring us your motorcycle, we’ll tell you what’s right, what’s wrong, and what it’s going to take to fix it. We’ll do whatever it takes to repair, maintain, or restore your bike correctly and we won’t let a bike go until it’s right. That applies to new ones, old ones, and everything in between.  Often the whole family, even our son, is out in the shop evenings or on days off, cleaning and working.  Our son gets excited every time an engine starts or a customer shows up.  We all love the stories that come with the bikes, the slices of history that each holds.  We feel honored that people trust us to work on their much loved rides.

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No mention of our shop is complete without thanks to Rachel’s parents, Tim and Joan Hill.  When we first opened in 2002, Rachel’s father moved everything out of the woodworking shop at his house and parked his truck in the driveway for years so that we could have two garage bays from which to operate Apex Cycle.  Half of their kitchen became our office with no complaint.  Tim graciously shared everything including his tools which he started collecting when he was eight years old and still uses today.  We happily worked out of Tim’s place for more than 7 years saving every dime we could to one day build our own shop at our house.  Those were lean years, but we kept to our vision.  Years of savings and contributions of all kinds from friends and family culminated on a day in 2010 when we began to carve out a space in the woods on our property for the building that is now our shop.

You will still find Tim at the shop most days generously donating his time, and still many of his tools, to our “mom and pop” shop.  Joan has been known to assist with many pickups and deliveries, all of our motorcycle events and, of course, watching our son at all hours when motorcycle deadlines loom.  We are a small shop but we have a big heart.  We use the latest diagnostic and repair equipment as well as many old family hand tools and tools which came to us from Dennis Kanderis’ family.  In some ways, these tools have as much history as the bikes on which we work.  Apex Cycle has continued to thrive and grow through the word-of-mouth recommendations from our loyal customers, and we still get excited when we think about the possibilities in the days to come.

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Rachel Burden
  • Rachel Burden

  • Owner / BMW Certified
  • Motorcycles have been in my life from my earliest memories. From my grandparents on down, nearly every member of my family, as well as our oldest friends, has ridden motorcycles. As a little girl, I remember my dad picking me up from dance class on his bike. I would toss the pink slippers, put on my old Bell helmet, and revel in the wind in my face and the lean of the motorcycle. Early in life, it didn’t matter which brand of bike I saw, I liked them all. After college, I was lucky enough to land an apprenticeship with Dennis Kanderis, a master mechanic, technician, and restorer. Dennis worked mainly on BMWs, both old and new, and he had magic in his hands. I loved everything about being in that shop, learning from Dennis, fixing those old bikes. It was a time that I will always cherish, and it was then that I learned to love the simplicity and the elegance of the air-cooled BMW. Dennis became my mentor and it was with his support and that of my family that I got my BMW factory certification. I still love all bikes, but for me, there is truly nothing like an old Airhead Beemer.
Wes Burden
  • Wes Burden

  • Owner / Ducati Certified
  • Every year, as far back as I can remember, I asked for only one thing for Christmas: a motorcycle. Not one ever appeared under the tree, but that didn’t stop me. By the time I was twelve, I had saved enough money to secretly buy my own YZ80 which I stored in my buddy’s garage. I would sneak out for dirt rides and, when questioned by my parents, blame the scrapes and bruises on my BMX bike. Motorcycles are still my obsession and I have lived much of my life using one as my only mode of transportation. I believe that all machines have a uniqueness or identity of their own and this becomes even more pronounced as bikes get older. We hear it when we listen to the classic and vintage bikes that we work on. We see it when we look at them. We feel it when we ride them. I am lucky enough to have a wife who enjoys riding as much as I do. She agreed to a motorcycle honeymoon adventure, and even allowed me to disappear into the deserts of Mexico for two weeks in the summer of 2012 on my dual-sport.