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SOLD: American Picker’s Original Unrestored 1962 BMW R69S

Recent pick by Mike Wolfe of Antique Archeology.   This piece of riding history is ready for it’s next adventure.

This has been a family bike—Purchased in 1964 from the original owner and friend, ridden throughout New Mexico as a daily rider and trip bike until 1978. It was then handed down to his son who rode it occasionally until 1992 when he decided to put into storage for his kids, knowing this bike was going to be very collectible.  Life happened and the bike stayed in storage with little notice for 24 years until Mike Wolfe purchased it and decided it needed a new lease on life.

Mike sent the bike to our shop to get her back on the road.  She’s now a good runner.  Here are the stats:

This R69S has 36K miles on the clock and matching engine/frame numbers.   She has a strong engine and well shifting gearbox. The original charging system, ignition system and lights are fully functioning.  The fuel tank interior lining is still intact, the petcock and carbs have been cleaned, and the fuel line has been upgraded with new braided BMW fuel line. She still has her original paint and while some of the hand pinstripes have worn off, the pattern is still visible. There is normal wear on the paint and metalwork which sports the dents, dings and scratches of a bike that was used and loved as daily commuter.  The rubber bits are in remarkable shape for their age. The patina is cool—this is a bike that was cared for.

We continue to fire up this R69S every few days and stretch her legs to get her used to daily rides, so mileage will continue to go up.  The bike is getting smoother with each ride.  These old Beemers are amazing pieces of engineering history that not only look incredible, but are a blast to ride and stand the test of time. In June 1962, Cycle World magazine said in their review of the R69S :

“Ask any motorcyclist what he consider to be the two-wheeled equivalent of the Rolls-Royce and you will be certainly be told BMW….Whatever the BMW’s merits in a contest of speed, it is still the smoothest, best finished, quietest and cleanest motorcycle it has ever been our pleasure to ride.”


Original paint and wear of a good life ridden.

This ride comes with the exceptionally rare Flandersheild fairing with matching Flanders high handlebars and appropriate extended control cables. Great for cold weather and even pushes rain around the rider when at speed. The fairing takes 20 minutes to install or remove with minimal effort. We removed the fairing for warmer weather.

One piece crash bars that don’t mess with regular maintenance.

Art deco license plate tag protector.

Tail bag carrier.

Actual Sears branded tires with tons of tread and no dry rot!

Bike has a title and matching numbers.